Working with Youth in Underserved Communities

Ginga Arts programs serve over 420 students weekly. 50% of the families in the communities we serve earn less than the median income for Los Angeles and over 88% of the children we serve qualify for free lunch programs.

EXPO Center Program, City of Los Angeles Parks & Recreation 

3980 S. Menlo, Los Angeles, CA 90037
Ginga Arts serves the Los Angeles community by providing free after-school activity at the EXPO Center. EXPO Center is located in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Adams-Hoover, just south of USC. We provide four hours of instruction weekly to children ages five through eighteen. Over sixty children from the local community come twice a week to our free Capoeira classes and engages in safe and healthy activities. The families who bring their children to EXPO typically lack the funds to engage in other paid after-school programs; Ginga Arts gives them a high-quality free alternative.

The Accelerated Charter Elementary School (ACES)

119 E. 37th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90011 
At the Accelerated Charter Elementary School Ginga Arts provides 8 hours of weekly instruction during and after school. The 132 students (K-5) at ACES receive all their physical education from Ginga Arts as the school provides no other formal physical education program. Without Ginga Arts students would be left with no in-school PE programs. Our students are already at high-risk for obesity due to the lack of safe outdoor play areas Ginga Arts acts as an intervention for these youths by developing pro-social behavior and a healthy lifestyle.


Mar Vista Family Center (MVFC)

Ginga Arts has provided a weekly class at the Mar Vista Family Center since 2013.